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Terms and Conditions

Return/Cancellation Policy
An order is considered processed when the customer service representative checks for payment information and for files and gives clearance for the job to go into production. The accounting department will charge your credit card at that time.

Error Policy
If Bargain Promos fails to produce products of acceptable standards due to internal reasons and not due to problems with the files the customer submitted, then Bargain Promos will re-print and ship the order at no cost to the customer.

In case it is necessary to issue a credit, there must be clearance from the accounting department. The credit will either be applied to the customer's account to be used toward future printing jobs, or will be put back into the customer's credit card.

Payment Policy
Payment for all jobs must be received before the order is sent into production. The credit card will be charged after the files have been verified that they are good or a proof is accepted and the production crew is ready to set up the run.

Methods of Payment
Bargain Promos accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We do not charge customers any additional fees for using their credit card, neither do we request a minimum amount for using a credit card. Personal checks, corporate checks and money orders are also accepted. Once the customer places the order and indicates that a check will be sent as a method of payment, the job will then be priced and an invoice will be emailed with the amount due. The order will be processed once accounting issues a clearance for the particular job. All checks, including money orders, are treated the same way. Cash is accepted as a form of payment only if the customer is located in our area and can visit our offices in person. We do not accept cash sent to us via postal service or any other mail carrier.

Credit Accounts
Customers who frequently print with Bargain Promos can request to open a credit account. There is a minimum spending of $500 per month, calculated quarterly for credit accounts. A credit application must be completed and approved by the accounting department before a credit account is opened. Opening an account might take 7-10 business days, so customers with rush jobs are recommended to use another form of payment while their application is being processed. A credit card may be required in order to secure a credit account and to ensure payment is made in a timely manner. The credit card will only be used in the event that orders that are placed do not exceed the specified credit limit.

Pricing Policy
Bargain Promos costs are listed on our website. There is an additional shipping cost.

There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES, and we DO NOT print our company's name on any of the printed material.

If a customer is not satisfied with their order due to reasons other than an error on Bargain Promos’ part and would like us to re-print their order, the customer is required to place a new order through the system so that a new job ticket number be issued.

We only re-run an order with the same ticket number (the letter R follows the ticket number) when Bargain Promos fails to produce printed products of acceptable standards and a decision has made that it is necessary for the job to be reprinted.

Artwork Policy
The customer is responsible for the accuracy of all artwork submitted to us either by email or by mail. The customer is encouraged to proofread carefully the layout, design, and copy before submitting.

We do archive files for up to 1 year for reorders; however, we are not responsible for any files lost. Customers are advised to save a copy of their artwork.

Color and Quality Control Policy
Quality control personnel inspect all jobs, no matter their size, at all stages of production to assure that we provide customers with the best quality possible.

Bargain Promos will reproduce the submitted files, matching the colors as closely as possible; however, we do not guarantee color matching. If any print job is color critical, please request a sample. An additional fee applies for this service.

Turnaround Time Policy and Rush Jobs
Turnaround times vary: they begin the moment we receive the correct files or the customer has accepted his proof. The turnaround time varies from 2 to 5 business days. Allow up to 10 days for PMS spot color printing.

For rush orders, customers should contact the Bargain Promos team with their specific needs in order for us to accommodate them. No turnaround time quoted is contractual.

Incomplete order forms or artwork will delay the process. For RUSH orders, customers must request a turnaround time quote.

Shipping Policy
All in-house orders are shipped through UPS and the delivery time ranges from 1 to 7 business days according to where the order is being shipped to. We are not responsible and have no control over the UPS deliveries and delays. If the customer prefers a different carrier, they must provide us with their own account information. We will contact any provider as long as an account number is available.

Federal Express Ground carrier does not allow for a third party to call for a pick up. The customer is encouraged to use a different carrier or the customer has to contact Federal Express Ground to arrange the pickup. That will result in extra fees from Federal Express to the customer's account.

In-House Delays
We are striving to process and ship all orders as fast as possible. However, from time to time we may experience delays in shipping due to an overload, length of time required for a job to dry, and/or delays in production or inventory to finish a job. We will do our best to meet the due date and in case we cannot, we try to notify the customer in a timely manner.

In-House Mistakes
In case an order gets shipped to the correct customer but to the wrong address, or gets shipped to an entirely wrong customer, we will do our best to accommodate the customer and have their merchandise delivered to the correct address in a timely manner.

Carrier Problem
From time to time, items cannot reach their destination due to problems or errors of the delivery carrier. To minimize problems with packaging and for extra durability, we pack in double-wall boxes.

Handling Claim Reports with UPS
Bargain Promos will handle claims of orders only when the order was shipped using the Bargain Promos’ UPS account. We are not allowed to handle claims of orders that were shipped using a customer's account, but we will supply the customer with all the necessary documentation to file their own claim.

Content and Copyrighted Material
The customer is responsible for the content of their print job, confirmation that all images used were not copyrighted and that the customer is the owner or he/she is authorized to use them. Bargain Promos does not censor the content of any print job.

Privacy Policy
No information we collect for order processing or from inquiries is shared with any other company or website. Customer information is used to contact them when necessary, regarding their jobs, or to inform them about Bargain Promos products and services. Customers can opt-out not to receive informative emails unless they are related to their orders/accounts. Credit Card information is only used to bill the customer for products and services ordered.

Bargain Promos reserves the right to distribute samples of the customer's printed material but we will never use them for advertising purposes.

A proof in PDF format is available to all customers free of charge. This type of proof is intended only for positioning and layout, and not to correct color. It is provided in low resolution. Once a proof is posted under the customer’s account, the job will not be processed unless the proof is accepted. We will submit up to 3 proofs, if necessary.

If a customer is not requesting a proof, the customer accepts the responsibility that the files are set correctly and the order will then go through the printing process. In case we notice any problems with the files we will contact the customer and work together on receiving new files.

If a job is color critical, the customer can request a match print. This process will delay job completion since a match print will have to be mailed for approval.

Quotes are valid for 30 days from the day it was emailed to the customer. All quotes are generated based on the specifications the customer submits. If any of the specifications change or the order is being placed after 30 days, a new quote is required.

Loss Factor
Printing is not an exact science and we often run into overages or shortages. There is an industry-wide rule that considers acceptable shortages and overages of 10%. At Bargain Promos, we do our best to minimize this percentage, but we encourage customers who will need a specific number of printed materials for mailing, to order extra pieces.